The Spiritual Warriors

Spiritual Warriors Revised 2015
Spiritual Warriors Revised 2015

Ten years after training with renowned martial arts Master Wu Wei, Dante is sent to attend a special promotion. After participating in the special promotion, Dante finds himself thrust into the hidden world of the Spiritual Warriors, a group of men and women, fighters with special abilities who are trained and dedicated to keeping this plane of existence safe from evil. He discovers that a war has been raging between the Warriors, those sworn to protect this plane of existence from destruction and the Shadows, those who would see it enslaved under the rule of evil.
After being captured by Sylk, one of the last Karashihan, an ancient sect of Warriors, Dante, manifests an eternal weapon of immense power. This weapon, which has moved from host to host through time, uses the darker side of the psyche, driving its host to unspeakable evil. Dante must learn to harness this power without succumbing to the darkness, in order to confront the entity that wants to conquer this plane of existence.
Together with a group of Warriors; Dante embarks on a mission to stay alive. Facing several enemies, even a secret faction within the Warriors- the Black Lotus; he fights those who would rather see him dead than unleash the power of his weapon. They will travel through several planes, called the Mirror, and avoid the dangers that reside within them in order to unlock the secret abilities that will allow him to use his weapon and ultimately defeat the entity that would destroy them all.
The Black Lotus, the Warriors covert assassins have been tasked with finding Dante and preventing him from ever unleashing the power his weapon contains. Dante must use all of his skill and ability while relying on those sworn to keep him safe, to stay one step ahead of them in order to fulfill his mission.
Through their travels, Dante discovers that his weapon contains a vastly powerful being that has been imprisoned within his weapon, and is willing to do anything to escape, even kill. In order to fully control his weapon Dante must unravel the mystery of this being, who it was and who was powerful enough to imprison it.
Unknown to all, Sylk has been able to track the progress of the entity he calls the Dark One. The entity is preparing to take over their plane amassing a great force in various parts of the Mirror, and is closer to achieving his goal than the Warriors may believe. Despite the risk of Dante being turned by the darkness that resides in his weapon, Sylk believes that the unlocking and harnessing this weapon is the only chance they have to survive and is willing to stake his and everyones life on it.


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