John Kane Novels

John Kane is my Batman.

I grew up heavily influenced with the Dark Knight. I think it was the lack of special abilities that was the key for me. All he had was his training, his wits and his gadgets. I enjoyed the fact that he was called the detective. It meant he had to be observant and aware of what was going on around him.

I collected Detective comics for most of my childhood. As I grew older I stopped collecting. Then something amazing occurred, something that shifted the paradigm, at least for me-the graphic novel. I started collecting these graphic books, but one in particular stayed with me. The Dark Knight by Frank Miller(I still own it).  Here was the Batman I was waiting for, darker, grittier, real, and older. For me it was Batman as he should have been all along.

This experience stayed with me and when I as thinking of a character for my John Kane novels it shaped my character. John is an older asset- retired. He is forced back into the life he left because of a special ability he possesses. An ability he thought was lost until people turn up dead, killed by someone with the same ability.

For me this is one of my darkest books and it needs to be that way. The setting requires it and the characters demand it.blogdragonfly

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