Sepia Blue Novels

I love New York City.

I hate New York City.

Unless you are a new yorker you can’t understand this relationship, don’t even try.

Sepia Blue came to me almost completely written in an evening as I was thinking about my city. In it central park is a maximum security prison, not for humans but for being called nightmares. If you’ve ever been in Central Park after dark you would understand.

I really enjoyed the name Sepia because it was so different. I wanted her to be fierce yet vulnerable. The city needed people to keep them safe and so Hunters were born. Who kept the Hunters safe? When they were out there fighting the nightmares who watched their back?  So I needed Gunmen. Together, Hunters and Gunmen fight the nightmares and keep the city safe.

By far one of my most entertaining books to write and read. I really enjoy the Sepia Blue stories. The series is slated to be a pentology. blogdragonfly

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