Short Stories

Occasionally when I write a book one of the characters jumps out at me. I don’t give too much back story in my books because they are usually in media res.  However some of these stories need to be told. The characters are so rich or  interesting that a story is just waiting to be shared. Questions that are lingering need to be answered.

That is how these short stories came to be. The Deepest Cut was a natural story out of the Blur world. It follows the story of a young Takashi ‘Jiro’ Fujita. It was exciting to write and I felt like I gave the character a fuller expression than his appearance in Blur. Plus I get to showcase Masami in her bad-ass action.

The Last Dance had to be written to give Sepia a proper back story. The problem was that I couldn’t include it in the book without it dragging the whole book down. So I gave her history its own space and The Last Dance was created.

In this short you get to meet Sepia’s mother a class one Hunter. You discover more about Sepia and find out where the sword comes from. It was a hard story for me to write because it is a story about loss and love after I had gone through a  deep loss of my own.

If you read any of my books and find a character you just need to know more about, send me an email. I may be working on a short story for that character or with enough prodding, prompting and the bribery of copious amounts of chocolate I might consider writing a short for the character.blogdragonfly

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