A Dream of Ashes

A Dream of Ashes

When they sent her, they expected failure. What she found made failure impossible.

Ava James is a new fire mystic with the MID-the Mystic Investigative Division. As a branch of the Enclave, the MID is feared, respected and reviled-especially by the mystics they are called on to police.

But when the half-charred bodies of Mystics begin turning up in the streets, the Enclave sends her to investigate. Ava finds that all the clues point to the killer being a fire mystic, one of her own. Suspected by the Enclave and targeted by the killer she must solve the case before a secret buried in her soul is revealed.

Will she be in time?

Now, needing to protect her past, she must stop the killer and keep the mystics alive…or die trying.

A journey into creative warriorship