Sepia Blue Nightmare

Sepia Blue Nightmare



Will she become what she hates?

Sepia’s transforming. Unwillingly, she bonded with an Unholy artifact, the keystone. It possesses immense power. She’s becoming a Nightmare Lord, the most powerful and evil of the Unholy.

Sepia’s allies trap the power of the artifact in an inhibitor mask, their attempt to keep it from destroying her. Their strategy backfires—the mask not only blocks the transformation, it blocks Sepia from merging with her sword, Perdition, the key to saving humanity.

As her power increases, friend and foe, grow to fear her. She must evade them all as she hunts for Fuma, an elusive Ward Master. His ward key will permit her to remove the mask, before she is consumed by the darkness of the artifact, and free her to unite with Perdition.

Time is running out. Can she evade capture? Who can she trust? Will evil prevail, and Sepia become the most powerful Nightmare Lord of all time?

A journey into creative warriorship