Silver Clouds Dirty Sky

London Bridge is falling down…but it’s not their fault…mostly.

Montague and Strong have left the building-in fact, they’ve left the continent.

When a teleportation circle sends them to London, The Penumbra Consortium-and older darker version of the Dark Council requests Montague & Strong look into the murder of the leading demonologist Mage Nigel Warrenton. There are a few complications -Tristan is being hunted by Golden Circle magistrates, Michiko must return to take her seat on the Council, before her brother is challenged, and demons are roaming the streets of London.

Now, with the help of Thomas Rafael-a mage who doesn’t believe in magic, they must avoid the magistrates, return Michiko to the Dark Council, and stop London from becoming a demon breeding ground.
Montague & Strong dive into another thrilling adventure as they face off against demons, dark powers, and disasters as they try to save London from annihilation!


A journey into creative warriorship