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Why Indie Authors need Reviews

words are art
words are art

This is my latest rant so forgive me if I get frothy at the mouth and spittle smacks you across the face.

Reviews. We all know what they are. They govern our purchases and our actions. You wont get that item on amazon if has little or no reviews, no matter how good you think it is. Or worse if the reviews say its bad then, forget it–next product.

It’s social proof I get it. I understand it really I do. Here is what I dont understand. Let’s switch gears for a second, You see a book you like or its recommended to you. You purchase and READ the book. You ENJOY the book. Why is leaving a review to that effect so monumentally difficult(Still dont have the answer to that one)?

Indie authors NEED reviews. They are the engines that drive sales. Yet if you ask every independent author out there they will tell you that the hardest part of marketing is getting those much needed reviews.

So what is the solution?

Have an email list. Yes its that simple. When I released my last book: A DREAM OF ASHES, my launch team was amazing. I had reviews the same day the book went live.  This is what having an email list can do. If you arent generating a list of subscribers to your work you are missing a key component of your marketing strategy.

Its a fight against human nature I think. I  have been guilty of it as well. I mean to leave a review then the phone rings or I have to attend to something or an email pops up and I get distracted. I forget or worse I think my buying the book was enough of an action of support. Now  have to leave a review too? Yes.

The review is what will get others to take a chance on the book. Enough of them will get the book noticed and create momentum giving the author and the work recognition. The review is that important.

The next time you read something you enjoyed-leave a review. As an independent author I thank you.blogdragonfly