Who is Orlando A. Sanchez?

Husband, Father,Martial artist, Author

Orlando A. Sanchez
Orlando A. Sanchez

,Creative warrior.

Its difficult to distill who I am into just a few sentences but I will try.


I have been married to my wife, Dolly, now for ten years. It is by far my greatest accomplishment, getting her to agree to be my partner in this life. She is my love, my best friend, my wise counsel, my strongest ally and supporter. We have been through both, good and bad times. I cant imagine who else I would rather have by my side in any situation.


My tribe is my life. Being a father is only second to being a husband in terms of importance in my life. My wife is my breath, but my children are my heart. Each of them are special in their own way and each of them possesses a full measure of my love. My own father passed away when I was seven years old. For me being a father is one of the greatest callings I can have.

Martial Artist

I am a practicing martial artist. I have been training in my art for 29 years. It defines who I am and shapes my outlook on life. I have a tendency to view everything through the lens of practice and training. Its not always the best way (of which I am reminded by my students and wife) and so I try to be open to seeing things from different perspectives.  I am familiar with karate, jujitsu,  aikido and chin na. In addition I have a daily zazen practice.  However, I am still learning everyday and realizing that I know very little, even after almost three decades on this path.


I have been writing for most of my life.  When I was in my teens I kept journals. I still have some of them today and yes, they are cringe worthy. I used to get together with my friends and play dungeons and dragons with me being in the role of Dungeon Master. My first recollection of playing a video game was Zork, a text based adventure game. All my life I was skilled at telling stories. This was fueled by my voracious appetite for books. I read Tolkien every summer, Ray Bradbury, Robert Heinlein, Robert Silverburg, Frank Herbert, Terry Brooks and Piers Anthony, just to name a few. This was in addition to the required reading I had in school.

I have been writing and publishing my work since 2012. I started going the traditional route and got my share of rejection letters. I then discovered self-publishing. Back then there was still a stigma attached to publishing your own work. I did it anyway. With the support of my wife and my sister (one of my biggest fans).

I took the plunge. I wrote because I had to, it wasn’t a choice. Now four books and two short stories later I’m glad I took the risk, on my writing and myself. Years from now when I become an overnight success I will remember the years invested in this choice.

Now I try and help other writers who are starting their writing careers. Even though my own writing career is still in the early stages, if I can do something to help out another writer I will. I had very little help starting out but as time has passed my writer community has grown and I have made some great writer friends who are always willing to give me advice or point me in the right (write) direction.

My writing is still evolving and improving. I am beginning to understand why writing is called a craft. It takes time and practice.

Creative Warrior

We are all warriors and we are all creative in some way. I embrace my warriorship in my training and being the best husband and father I can be. I embrace my creativity through my writing. I am also trained as graphic designer and calligrapher. music is another of my interests I played trumpet all through high school and college. On occasion I will sing, especially if I need to scare away wild dogs.


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  1. Saw your book in Bookbub. I get an awful lot of offers of cheap books, what made yours different was the link to your blog on the amazon page. Anyone who lists his marriage as his greatest accomplishment is my kind of people.

    I look forward to trying your work.

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